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Gordon Automotive Cadillac Repair Houston TX

Cadillac Repair In Houston For Cadillac Owners Who Would Drive Nothing Less Than A Cadillac

Bill Gordon, 35 Year Houston Cadillac Service Expert And Cadillac Northstar Engine Master Mechanic
My husband and I started buying Cadillacs back 7 years ago. After one year of getting service at the dealership, we discovered Gordon Automotive. They were less expensive and did a better job. Now we use the dealer only for factory warranty work. Gordon Automotive is our Cadillac service place.
Cadillac Owners - right here in North Houston you have Bill Gordon - The Cadillac Man - serving Houston for over 35 years. You would be hard pressed to find Cadillac service, maintenance or repair any better than right here at Gordon Automotive. Friendly, professional, first class Cadillac repair for the Houston area. We will treat you like a friend and your car like it was one of our own.
Your Trusted Dealership Alternative Since 1983

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Houston Area Cadillac Owners Have Trusted Bill Gordon With Their Cadillac Services Since 1977.
Cadillac Maintenance And Repair
At Lower Cost Than The Dealership
Completely Maintaining Your Factory Warranty

In the Houston area, the name “Gordon Automotive” means Cadillac service, maintenance and repair. As a Cadillac owner, you will feel right at home with their friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the incredible knowledge and experience they have for your Cadillac. If you have a problem with your Cadillac, Bill Gordon is the go to guy for answers and solutions. All Cadillac services done here.

Cadillac Owners Are King At Gordon Automotive

If you live in The Woodlands or in Spring TX, and work in Houston, Gordon Automotive is only minutes from I45, off FM 1960 West to Ella. You can drop off your Cadillac for service in the morning and pick it up that evening on your way home. Cadillac Owner – we are here for you!

With three and a half decades of serious Cadillac automotive, service, maintenance and repair experience, from initial Cadillac factory training, continuing education and on-the-job experience, Bill Gordon has become a legend in the field of Cadillac automotive, service and repair in Houston.

A Distinguished History As A Master Cadillac Mechanic
And Diagnostic Wizard

Beginning his love affair with Cadillac by working at the dealership, Bill Gordon quickly became the man everyone came to when they had a Cadillac service problem they couldn't figure out, which happens often with the advanced technology and engineering of a fine car like Cadillac.

Gordon Automotive – One Of Those Small, Independent Cadillac Repair Shops – That Does Just One Thing Very Well – Cadillac Automotive, Service And Repair

“Bill Gordon just has a gift for Cadillac service”, says one of Bill’s long time customers. “You can start telling Bill what is wrong with your Cadillac - and he can finish the sentence for you!”

Bill Gordon has had his head under the hood and under the car, of thousands of Cadillacs over the past 35 years. Cadillac automotive service and repair isn’t second nature to Bill – it’s his first nature.

From Cadillac Sedan de Ville, Seville and Fleetwood Brougham to Cadillac CTS, STS, DTS, SRS, XLR and Escalade SUVs, repair, service and maintenance, Bill knows your Cadillac inside and out, stem to stern.

Like only a person working with Cadillacs every work day for the last 35 years could possibly know. If you love your Cadillac, you need to visit Bill Gordon, to see how different your Cadillac service experience can be.

I Was Amazed When I First Met Bill Gordon!

I have been driving a Cadillac my entire adult life and I had never met anyone who understands Cadillacs better than Bill.

I think it is his love for Cadillac that has kept him sharp, involved and deep into the workings, heart and soul of the Cadillac automobile over all these years. Bill Gordon is the Go-To-Guy when you need to know anything about Cadillac repair in Houston - even going back 20 or more years.

The dealerships have even been known to contact Bill Gordon on occasion when they came across a Cadillac service problem they couldn’t solve! And no one knows your Cadillac Northstar engine better. The Northstar engine is one of the most advanced automobile engines every made. Northstar repair must be done only by and expert.

I have told friends about Gordon Automotive Cadillac repair and they use Bill now for their Cadillac service. Once they gave Bill the chance and found out about his incredible Cadillac knowledge and that his prices are lower than the dealer, it was an easy decision to keep going back to Gordon Automotive.

But back to Bill’s history - after repairing Cadillacs at a Houston Cadillac dealership for several years learning and performing all aspects of Cadillac automotive, service, repair and maintenance, Bill decided to launch out on his own some 29 years ago.

Bill Gordon is still the man to see when it comes to keeping your Cadillac running to perfection, whether your car is brand new or 20 years old – or older.

If you need Cadillac service and are one of those Cadillac owners, who truly loves their Cadillac and is looking for perfection, go visit Gordon Automotive. Just give them a try one time and you will see the difference right away. They offer complete auto service for your Cadillac.

Gordon Automotive, Cadillac service for Houston, The Woodlands, Spring Texas or as far as you need to drive to get the best Cadillac service in Texas. Come visit The Cadillac Answer Man today.

Does Gordon Automotive Cadillac Repair, Service And Maintenance Cost More Due To Bill Gordon’s Advanced Experience And Top Quality Cadillac Services?

Question: Because Bill Gordon is Houston’s premier Cadillac mechanic, and a Cadillac specialist of incredible reputation, does that mean he is more expensive?

Answer:NO… Gordon Automotive prices for Houston area Cadillac service are always lower than the dealership and most other independent shops as well. However, they give you better diagnostic expertise, superior workmanship, more personal attention, with faster Cadillac service and repair times.

How can they be better and cheaper at the same time? Specialization in the Cadillac brand makes each auto repair easier and faster because they are servicing the same type cars over and over. They know exactly what they are doing with every Cadillac model that comes through the door, and can get them done faster and better than other shops that do all makes and models.

Cadillac Dealerships Are There To Sell Cars
Auto Repair Is A Sideline

Keep this in mind, the Cadillac dealership is in business to sell cars. That is why they are called DEALERSHIPS. Cadillac service, repair and maintenance is often considered a sideline for dealerships. In many cases, the car dealership considers the repair side of the business a necessary evil, especially when it comes to warranty work, which they dislike because there is very little profit in it.

Consequently, when looking at the talent of the mechanics working there, it is not out of the ordinary to find only 1 or 2 top A level mechanics, while the rest are B level, C level or training level to keep costs down. Some car dealerships are better than others when it comes to quality and friendliness of their auto repair, but one rule of thumb still holds true…

Car dealerships are (almost without exception) the highest priced auto repair in any geographic area.

So when it comes to your Cadillac, do you really know the level of expertise that your current auto repair shop has? And, how do their auto service prices compare to others in the industry? The knowledge and experience of your Cadillac mechanic can make a huge difference in the operation and reliability of your Cadillac and the price you pay for Cadillac service.

The automotive market in Houston – offers countless choices of where you can get your Cadillac serviced. Make sure you have selected the right Cadillac repair shop to meet your needs.

At Gordon Automotive
Cadillac Automotive, Service, Repair and Maintenance Is
Our Only Business – And We Do It Very Well

At Gordon Automotive you have Bill Gordon – the master – overseeing every Cadillac repair that comes into the shop, with his seal of approval on every car before the keys are handed back to you. And at prices that make sense. Why settle for anything less.

You Bought Your Cadillac For A Reason

If you own a Cadillac, you own the world’s finest, American made, world class luxury car. You love your Cadillac and you love how you feel when you are in it. Isn’t it worth it to keep your Cadillac reliable and in perfect running order through regular maintenance?

Doesn’t it make sense to place your Cadillac in the hands of a tested, proven and experienced Cadillac mechanic who doesn’t have to guess what is wrong with your car. HE knows! The Cadillac Man Knows.

Cadillac repair in Houston, The Woodlands and Spring TX that you can trust, is only a phone call away. 281-893-5200.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Cadillac service, repair or maintenance you need, Gordon Automotive can meet all your auto repair needs. If it’s a Cadillac and it needs service, maintenance or repair, we do it – and we do it very well.

(1 mile south of FM 1960) (1/2 mile north of Richey Rd.)

You can find us on Google using these keywords, Gordon Automotive, Cadillac Repair Houston, Cadillac maintenance, Cadillac oil change, Cadillac service, Cadillac repair, Automotive Houston, Auto Repair, auto service.

Gordon Automotive performs Cadillac automotive, service, repair and maintenance on these Cadillac models. Seville, Cimarron, Eldorado, Allante, Sedan de Ville, Catera, XLR, STS, DTS, Escalade, Escalade EXT, Escalade ESV, CTS, CTS-V, CTS Sports Wagon, CTS Coupe, SRX, and all other Cadillac models.

Non-Cadillac Automobiles – As a customer convenience to our Cadillac owners who have other brands of cars, (or any customer, even without a Cadillac) we are happy to service other makes and models of vehicles, and we are completely qualified to do so.

BBB Accredited Business
Gordon Automotive
Bill Gordon - Houston Cadillac Repair Specialist
16250 Ella Blvd., Houston, TX 77090
Main Number: 281-893-5200
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00
Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks & Cash
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